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Global-Free Classified Ads
This free website will let you put pet ads up for free and it is all over the world, better still you can buy any pet you want, ranging from monkeys to snakes, click here now to take a look and see what pet tickles your fancy.
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Pet Health Plan
The Pet Health Plan offers a free pet insurance quote to pet owners looking to obtain insurance coverage for their pets. Pet insurance helps owners manage the rising cost involved in veterinary care and ensure all tough financial decisions based on your pet are met accordingly.
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Pets Free & Wanted
For all those in the US who are looking for a pet that they dont have to pay for, just check out this section of the Pets Ads website where you will find classified adverts from people all over the US offering a pet free to good homes. See the range of pets available and get yourself a cute new pet without having to pay for it. You can also advertise here if you have a pet to offer.
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Pets 4 Homes
If you are in the UK and are looking for a site to sell your pets on then this is the site for you. You can advertise your pets with unlimited photos for people to view completely free at this website. You can sell dogs, cats, horses, rodents, fish, rabbits, reptiles and more at this site which receives over a million visitors each month, check the site to see how you can sell your pets on their site for nothing.
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Free Animal Pictures
If you love animals you can go to this website where you will find thousands of images of animals from all over the world. You can download and use these images for you own personal use completely free, see the website and see if you can find some pictures of your favourite animals.
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Animals Born Free Foundation
Check out the Born Free Foundation website where you will find tons of information on all the wildlife animals. Their goal is to keep wildlife in the wild and to prevent the suffering of animals and to protect specific species of animals that are in danger.
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Pet Butler
FREE Pet Butler Fridge Magnet Bumper Sticker, This web site offers a tremendously valuable service to families and communities all over the country. The company deals primarily with the collection, disposal and treatment of pet waste from yards, parks and multi family residential communities. Founded in 1988, Pet Butler prides itself on a wide range of professional pet waste cleanup and removal services in order to make life more enjoyable, more convenient and safer for you and your family as well as for your neighbors. The Web site features a list of the companys scooping services and prices as well as a few other additional pet and yard services. You can also get more indepth information about the company through this Web site along with information on how to apply for a franchise. Pet Butler is THE authority on pet waste cleanup!
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