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Win Calender
Win Calender contains free desktop calenders with holiday images for Windows 7, XP and Vista. The calender will load easily to your computer and contains customizable features. It reflects holidays throughout the 4 seasons. The calender supports daily appointments, generates printable versions of the calender and allows quick navigation and advanced scrolling.
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Blue Mountain
Download free desktop calenders on Blue Mountain. The new and exciting collection of calenders have been designed by Blue Mountain to be presented as a special gift to friends and members of the website. Choose from a wide selection of fabulous designs like beautiful landscapes, tropical scenery, charming cats and dogs and religious homage to brighten your day. Customize these exciting designs which are freely downloadable to all on your desktop!
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This fresh looking site with very little text offers a wide range of free desktop applications. From worldwide weather widgets to the most amazing screen savers, calendars, cpu monitors and more this funky site will be hard to leave. There is so much more to explore.
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Free Desktop Calendar
This is a free Lite calendar and a time management system from Cnet. It sits on your desktop to help with reminders and tasks you have to do for the day.
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Gardening Desktop Calendar
Now you can take your love of gardening to your computer desktop. Lets face it we would all rather look at a lush green garden rather than a drab old computer monitor and this is a great way to have your garden in front of you when you are at the office. Available for both Windows ands Mac users, these stunningly photographed garden images capture the breath taking beauty and spectacle of some of the features that make gardens so popular after all these years. The images change every month, so you are assured of a fresh new garden experience on a regular basis. These garden desktops come in resolutions of 1024x768, 800x600, and 640x480.
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