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Welcome to The Free Website’s gaming page!  Here you will find all kinds of free and fun games to give you hours of pleasure while also challenging your agility, strategy, mind skills and dexterity.  All of the games are free to play.  At the top of this page there is a list of games that you can play; simply click on the name of the game that interests you and go to that game.  Once you get to that game page there will be some instructions and tips on how to play the game to get you going.  Below is a brief summary of just a few of the free games available at The Free Website.

Bug on a Wire
You’re the bug and you are racing across telephone poles while trying to avoid being eaten by the hungry birds waiting to gobble you up for their daytime snack.  Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, you can make the bug jump over birds in the way or switch over to a different wire; but be careful, if you don’t jump just right you’ll end up being bird food!

Your mission is to rescue panicked passengers aboard a sinking ship.  You are equipped with two lifeboats that you must maneuver quickly and efficiently to catch the passengers as they jump (without looking) from the sinking ship hoping that you will save them.  You must hurry; however, as you can only have three passengers in the lifeboat at a time and you must get them to the shore and return for others before they fall into the shark infested waters.

Simon Says
An age-old favorite, sit back and follow what Simon says. Be sure to have the sound turned on your computer so that you can experience all of the fun of Simon Says.  Simon will start off playing a tune that lights up a block and you will need to follow Simon playing the exact same tunes in the exact same order to continue the game.

Gravity Balls2
Get yourself in the mood by picking out the music you want to hear while playing this game.  The object is to bounce your ball so that it takes out all of the blocks on the screen.  Your job is made that much more difficult with the scrolling block that moves from side to side and can interrupt your bouncing and send your ball careering off the screen.

The above is only a brief breakdown of just some of the free games available at The Free Website.  Take your time to explore the different games and test your skills. 

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