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Free Downloads Portal
At the Free Downloads Portal website you can download lots of free software for your computer. Choose from their categories which include business, games, multimedia and graphics, network and internet, programming and more. In each category you will find several programs all available to you for free.
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Free Software

(Listed On Wed Mar 5 03:54:28 2008)

Chaoscope 3d Rendering
Chaoscope is a 3D strange attractors rendering software.
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Icon Viewer
If you are looking for a great program that can show you the icons in system files then this free icon viewer is what you are looking for. This site offers a great tool that can help you find and compare icons.
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3D Graphics
If you are looking for a beginners program for 3D graphics developments then check out Alice today. This is an educational 3D development platform that offers a drag and drip GUI to help you get started in the world of 3D graphics development.
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Freeware Screen Measurement
If you are looking to capture and measure arbitrary portions of your screen then this software is what you have been looking for. It offers an interactive measurement tool which allows you to capture portions of your screen and measure them in a variety of scales.
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Free Shopping Cart Software
If you are looking to build your very own online shopping website but do not feel the need to pay for one of the expensive shopping carts currently available then check out this site for free shopping cart software.
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